Whale watching

Activities in Portland

With so much history and opportunities for exploring and relaxing in Portland, it's hard to work out what to do first! Here is a list of a few things that might be of interest...

Watch the whales from your balcony at Centreport units.......

Portland Cable Trams 
Portlands number one tourist attraction will never disappoint. The Beautiful restored Cable tram does a leasurily tour of the Fathrop Lagoon and the Portland Foreshore.
Run by knowledgeable volunteers , there is a fantastic comentary of Portlands interesting hisory whilst passing historic buildings , beautiful gardens and beaches and our spectacular harbour.
A must for the kids



Portland Victoria has been a major fishing port since before its settlement in 1834.Fortunately, whaling and sealing ceased in the last century, however the local industry and recreational fishing are still strong.

Operating under a sustainable theory , local industry ensures the survival and ongoing species that habitat the waters off Portland.

Deep sea trawling operates from the harbour and supplies are sent throughout the world of such fish as Blue Grenadien, Ling, Trevally and Orange Roughy. All local catches can be sampled at an abundance of restaurants.

Portland is also the largest Victorian port for Lobster, Though a majorioty of the catch is exported, a cooked fresh lobster can be purchased from the pier.

March to June brings the squid out on a still night and is a popular catch along the harbour piers.

Half of Victorias Quota for Abalone is delivered from Portland and most is exported to Asia though the locals may be able to help with some samplings.

Currently Tuna are in abundance in Portland and local fishing tips can be obtained at the Bait and Tackle shops along the front street of Portland or visit

 After trying some fishing from the surf beaches or wharves, a fishing charter to land some Southern Bluefin Tuna is a great option. Contact Joe  Mob 0419 100 324